Video: Who Are The Bro-Choicers?

Last week, I wrote about the disgraceful “bro-choice” movement,  created by horny young men who think “women’s right to choose” translates to “men’s right to use.” Back in the day, women’s libbers would have called such men “male chauvinist pigs.”

But reportedly, NARAL and other pro-abortion women’s groups supported their bro-choice campaign on Twitter.

“Forcing women to adhere to the anti-choice attitudes of state legislators forces men to do the same, and will have serious consequences both on men’s lives and lifestyles,” bro-choicer Brad Sherman wrote on a progressive Texas blog.

The whole thing is beyond parody, but don’t tell that to Caleb Bonham, host of the Caleb Bonham Show. He went to a college campus to get students’ reactions (both male and female) to the bro-choice movement. 

The result is sadder than it is funny.

Via Cahnman’s Musings:

A recent poll showed how out of step Wendy Davis, and her bro-choice supporters are with the general public.

A University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll found 62 percent of people support the Texas ban on abortions after 20 weeks. 

Nationwide, even a recent Huffington Post/YouGov poll found that 59 percent support a ban after 20 weeks. A Gallup poll late last year found that 64 percent think abortion should be illegal after 12 weeks.


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