Racism Alive and Well at Trayvon Martin Rally in Miami

In response to ‘Justice for Trayvon’ Vegas Calls for LeBron James, Dwyane Wade to Leave Miami Heat:

Miami-Today at the National Action Network’s ‘peaceful’ rally to call attention to the Trayvon Martin verdict, local pastors and Representatives gathered together to throw racial red meat to the crowd of about 2000, who came to  support a DOJ civil rights case against George Zimmerman.

One man told me, a brown Hispanic, and another ‘white’ reporter to move out of his and some other person’s way because “this was not our day.” What he meant was that this day was for black people only.

These local “Men of God” Pastors prayed for justice for Trayvon, and prayed that Zimmerman would meet true justice. Nice. 

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson amplified the racial division with this video-

“America, little black boys and big boys, and black grown men, will continue to be singled out and arrested for driving while black, shopping while black, walking while black, eating while black,  and just being plain ol’ black!”-Rep. Frederica Wilson (D)


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