Weinerization vs. Akinization

In response to Republicans Are Weaponizing Weiner Democrats Complain:

That’s all pretty rich coming from the party that surgically grafted Todd Akin onto every single Republican running in 2012.  They managed to fuse Akin, Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, and Mitt Romney into Siamese triplets.  But now the poor little dears think it’s so terribly, terribly unfair that Republicans would take a page from their playbook and paint Weiner as symbolic of a larger, deeper problem within the Democrat Party.

Bad Democrats are always hermetically sealed miscreants.  Other members of the Party are not expected to discuss them, distance themselves from them, or explain why they were willing to tolerate scurrilous behavior and lying cover-ups.  Why, sometimes the media just plain starts forgetting to identify the rotten apples as Democrats, or maybe mentions it briefly somewhere in paragraph 16 of the story.  For example, it’s amazing how quickly the (D) faded from after former governor and senator Jon Corzine’s name.

It’s no surprise Democrats would be monstrous hypocrites about this, or expect to get away with it.  But we shouldn’t let them get away with it.  Anthony Weiner does represent several serious problems within the Democrat Party.  Arrogance and lust for power, just for starters.  Also, he’s a great example of how the media conspires with Democrats to foist dubious leadership on the American people.  The media worked pretty hard to cover up Weiner’s original indiscretions; when it was time for his political comeback, they obligingly served up the kind of cotton-candy puff pieces and redemption stories that would never be made available to a Republican.

And Weiner is a prominent symbol of how the Democrats are always expecting women to settle for less.  The liberal project since the Sixties has been a cascade of lowered standards for women, who are no longer supposed to look for fidelity and marriage.  Morality and consequence are firmly separated from sex, to the greater detriment of women, who are abandoned to deal with the consequences.  Gallantry and respect for the fairer sex have become quaint anachronisms.  Women can hardly turn on their radios without being addressed in much the same language “Carlos Danger” uses with his online paramours. 

As female expectations of men dwindled to threadbare standards Huma Abedin sets for her husband, society collapsed into an exhausted heap upon the heart-shaped waterbed of libertine socialism.  When women don’t set high standards for men, nobody sets high standards for anyone.  Soaring ideals of manhood have been traded for lowest-common-denominator perpetual adolescence.  Perhaps one of the most crucial functions women serve in society is telling men when it’s time to grow the hell up.  If they don’t issue that uncompromising demand, you get Anthony Weiner, and the degenerate political culture that allows him to be taken seriously as a candidate for mayor of a mighty city.

Here’s a perfect example of what I mean, delivered via Twitter from Tamara Holder: “Public service has nothing to do with bedroom service. 98.4367% of men cheat. I do know a few good men who don’t. Leave #Weiner alone.”  Every arrested-adolescent predatory male hopes that women will blithely accept the proposition that 98.4367% of men cheat, and lower their standards accordingly.