Paraguay bus drivers stage 'crucifixion' protest

Paraguay bus drivers stage 'crucifixion' protest

Via AFP:  Eight bus drivers in Paraguay and one of their wives have undergone crucifixion in a gruesome protest after the drivers were sacked, an AFP reporter witnessed Thursday.

The protesters have had 15-inch nails driven into the flesh between their middle and index fingers and into lengths of wood.

They have vowed to continue their protest near the bus terminal at Luque, 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) outside Asuncion, until they are given their jobs back.

Each protester has been positioned next to an empty coffin.

Juan Villalba, a local union leader and one of those crucified, said the demonstrators would continue “to the end.”

Villalba’s wife, Maria Concepcion Candia, 39, joined her husband in getting crucified on Wednesday.

Four other trade union members have been on hunger strike for 36 days.

Villalba told AFP that some of his fellow protesters were suffering health problems, ranging from high fever, stomach and chest pains.