Re: False Flags

In response to False flags in Syria:

That’s the sad thing about the Obama administration. They’ve lied to us about so many things – ObamaCare, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the NSA scandal, etc –  even the most outrageous conspiracy theories seem worthy of a hearing. It’s hard to rule out an outrageous conspiracy theory when you keep seeing the administration engaging in these outrageous conspiracies. Has this deceptive administration earned our trust on anything?

I don’t ascribe to the point of view that Obama is merely incompetent. He’s incompetent all right, but he also has an agenda that I believe is designed to weaken this country. So I tend not to dismiss anything out of hand.

That said, I was surprised that Rush was so willing to go out on a limb with that story. I have no idea who Yossef Bodansky is – he could be a complete flake for all I know, but Rush seemed to be impressed by his credentials. 

And El Rushbo doesn’t have a track record of peddling conspiracy theories. He tends to stay away from those I’m guessing because of the damage they do to one’s credibility – and this one is really out there.

It’s almost as out there as the Obama is a member of the Muslim brotherhood story (which I’ve *mostly* dismissed.) That’s being reported in an Egyptian newspaper, which to me is an indication of how much the (non MB) Egyptian people loathe this president.