Judge Orders Divorcing Couple To Split Home In Half

Judge Orders Divorcing Couple To Split Home In Half

SPAIN – According to the New York Times, hard economic times in Spain have made it difficult for feuding couples to even afford divorces.  Now, a judge in Seville has ordered a divorcing  couple to bisect their 2,700-square-foot apartment into two independent living quarters. Although the property belongs to the husband’s parents, in her written ruling, the judge cited economic considerations for her decision, in addition to the well being of the couple’s two daughters, 6 and 7. 

According to the ruling, the wife and daughters will live upstairs while the husband will live downstairs. Any potential awkwardness resulting from stairwell encounters would be “the lesser of two evils in view of the economic situation presented by both parties,” the judge wrote, referring to the couple’s complaint that the crisis had decimated their earnings.  The husband is also responsible for paying for the division and any renovations associated with that division.

The judge ordered that the couple cut down on other expenses – specifically what she called extravagances: horse-riding and sailing lessons. She did not specify whether the couple had to get rid of the maid.  

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