Banana Republics and Political Projection

In response to Peeling back the banana republic:

” No one in the media pins Obama down and asks him to contrast his “What, me worry?” attitude toward limitless debt today with the 180-degree-different rhetoric he was dishing out when he was a Senator, angrily denouncing a Republican president’s request to raise the ceiling on a vastly smaller pile of debt as a catastrophic failure of leadership.”

So I was watching a Fox business show with Neil Cavuto, this morning – and that came up.

The Regime apologist on the panel reacted with faux surprise that a “politician” would ever behave politically – (lol.) Now all Senators apparently have to watch what they say in the Senate in case they become president someday, he said mockingly.

Yes, this president – who loves to publicly accuse his political opponents of having only the basest of political motivations for every move they make – can be forgiven because he only did what good politicians do, you see.

You know, it’s always politically risky when Republicans try to cut spending or do something like defund ObamaCare because Obama and the democrats are so good at demagoguing these tough issues. Aided and abetted by Obama’s MSM cheer squad, Republicans have good reason to fear they’ll lose those PR battles. In fact, some Washington insiders would call what the House did, Friday in passing the CR defunding ObamaCare “political suicide.”

But we’ll never see this president acknowledge that Republicans might be motivated by something other than crass politics – that they might do what they do because maybe, just maybe – they think it’s in the nation’s best interest.

When this hyper-political president, who does these major flip flops based on political expedience, accuses Republicans of playing politics –  he’s projecting just a tiny little bit, isn’t he?

Just like he is when he says they’re turning the country into a banana republic.


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