Mitch McConnell Explains Why He Opposes Defunding Filibuster (Video)

The Senate is debating the motion to proceed to the Continuing Resolution passed by the House last week that will fund the federal government through December 15 and defund Obamacare. Senator Cruz wanted to filibuster the CR because of Majority Leader Harry Reid’s plan to strip the ObamaCare defunding language from the bill.

On the Senate floor this morning, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell explained his opposition to Sen. Ted Cruz’s filibuster strategy.

McConnell argued that Republicans should support the motion to invoke cloture on the bill because it will put pressure on Democrats to affirmatively support the unpopular trainwreck, ObamaCare.

 “Even some of the bill’s fiercest early backers are looking for an escape hatch. But there’s only one escape hatch that will fully help those trapped by this law, and that’s full repeal,” McConnell said.

“That’s why I’m supporting the House-passed CR. Not only does it defund this terrible law, it doesn’t increase government spending by a penny. And it keeps the government from shutting down, which nobody wants. And it does something else. And this is really important. It puts the focus right where it belongs, on the Democrats who voted for and continue to support Obamacare. Because once we invoke cloture, Mr. President, the focus will turn to our friends on the other side of the aisle — the Senate Democrats. …

I just don’t happen to think filibustering a bill that defunds Obamacare is the best route to defunding Obamacare. All it does is shut down the government and keep Obamacare funded, and none of us want that.”

McConnell went on to say that only five Democratic senators are needed to defeat Reid’s amendment to strip out the Obamacare defunding language.


Ted Cruz is scheduled to speak at around 2:30 EST.