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Police Find Crack Pipe In Suspect's Rectum

Police Find Crack Pipe In Suspect's Rectum

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – A Louisville man arrested in St. Matthews on charges of loitering, criminal trespass third, possession of a controlled substance first and possession of drug paraphernalia, now faces additional charges after police discovered a crack pipe hidden in his rectum. 

Our story begins here…in a parking lot at 112 Meridian Ave where police say they observed Shaun Alston loitering and asking customers for money. When they approached him, he allegedly removed an unknown item from his left pocket.  Police say he was also in possession of crack rock and a broken nail, which is commonly used as a push rod for a crack pipe.  But where was the crack pipe?  

Please, walk with me. 

Alston was transported to Metro Corrections, where Police say he denied having any drugs or weapons on his person.  A pat down confirmed this…or did it?  

A body scan revealed an unidentified object inside of Alston’s rectum. When Officers broached this with him, he claimed it was a metal rod from a previous surgery. 

Still with me? Let’s go.  

Police said Alston had no visible scars. And then….he finally broke down. Perhaps due to the grueling line of inquiry. Maybe due to the fact that they were about to transport him to the hospital.  Whatever the reason, he finally admitted that the unidentified object was not a result of a prior surgery. And like a crack smoking Houdini, Alston was able to remove the object from his rectum. Presto: crack pipe. Double entendre alert. 

Police said the pipe was placed inside the rectum in an attempt to hinder the officers’ search and to knowingly introduce dangerous and illegal items into the secured facility of Metro Corrections.

With the retrieval of the pipe, Alston was additionally charged with promoting contraband, tampering and an additional charge of possession of drug paraphernalia. 

We’ve all grown. 


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