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Berlin Dogs Overdosing from Drug Users' Poop

Berlin Dogs Overdosing from Drug Users' Poop

BERLIN – There is a drug problem in Berlin – for dogs. Vets are reporting an increasing number of incidents where pets are falling ill and unable to walk properly after eating drug users’ feces found in city parks. 

Drug users frequently gather in parks in the Treptow and Kreuzburg areas and sometimes relieve themselves in the bushes.  According to the Tagesspiegel newspaper, vets said that there’s been an uptick in dogs being brought in after eating human waste, and after testing, it has been revealed they have been poisoned with illegal drugs such as heroin that are still present in the excrement. According to Vet Reinhold Sassnau, symptoms include dehydration, shaking, an inability to walk properly and rapid heartbeat. He added that seldom were the cases fatal and an emetic can be given such that dogs are forced to vomit up the feces. 

One vet said that dogs are not often tempted to eat waste they encounter outdoors but owners should train them not to….but no tips were given as to how that training goes down. 


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