Man Rushes Inside Burning Home to Rescue Beer

Man Rushes Inside Burning Home to Rescue Beer

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) – There are moments in life when the mettle of a man is put to the test. When he is faced head on with a choice: courage or fear? When God puts the inexplicable in his path and whispers, “What’s it gonna be?  Who are you?” 

On Thursday afternoon at a house fire on 42nd St. near Oates Ave. in Columbus, Walter Serpit answered those questions unambiguously when officials say six adults and two young children were forced to evacuate a home after smoke began filling the room while they watched television. One of those adults was Walter Serpit. It wasn’t until everyone had made it to safety that Walter, who walks with cane, realized there was something in the house that could not perish…or rather he would not let perish.  Not on his watch. 

Walter Serpit walked back into a burning house and rescued his beer. 

“I told them to get the kids out and everything, and me myself, being an alcoholic, I was trying to get my beer out. I went back into the house like a dummy and the door shut on me because this back draft was about to kill me,” said Serpit. 

But was he dummy?  He saved several cans of beer and escaped without getting burned.  So I ask again: was he dummy? Or does Walter Serpit possess some form of transcendental fortitude that most of us could only hope to achieve? 

The Red Cross arrived shortly after firefighters extinguished the flames. Officials believe a water heater may have been responsible for the blaze. 

Serpit was told after the incident that beer is sold in stores. 

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