Depressed Bachelor Cuts His Penis Off

Depressed Bachelor Cuts His Penis Off

It’s hard to be single in today’s society. For one Chinese man, it was incredibly hard.  So hard in fact, that depression overcame him and he began to take an inventory of things he did not need in his life. One thing he apparently didn’t need was his penis…so, like any man trying to simplify his life, he cut it off. 

Not anticipating the level of pain, Yang Hu, 26, reportedly hopped on a bicycle and headed for the hospital where he was told he could not be treated unless he had his penis in his possession. Unfortunately, Hu had left it at home.  He rode back home, retrieved the severed penis, and returned to the hospital.

By that time, to his chagrin, doctors informed him that his penis had been without blood for too long and therefore they could not reattach it. 

According to his friends, Hu had become increasingly depressed after moving to the city where he could not find a girlfriend. His gloomy outlook for love was intensified by the fact that he was working long hours in a clothing factory in Jiaxing, in Zhejiang province in east China, and as a result, he felt he had little chance of meeting his soul mate. 

Faced with few prospects and an unnecessary appendage, Hu reportedly returned home at 9pm on October 27 to his rented room and cut off his member, believing that it would stop him from thinking about the absence of a girlfriend in his life.  

My gut tells me that it didn’t work.