Another Democrat bails out of the Titanic

In response to Obama Wasn’t the Only One Who Lied (Video):

I see that Mary Landrieu is the latest phony-baloney “moderate Democrat” to jump into a lifeboat and row madly away from the sinking wreck of ObamaCare.  She’s got a bill that would somehow restore the ability of people to keep their plans if they like them.  (“Thanks a lot, you ridiculous fake” – millions of people who have already lost their insurance.)

Landrieu’s Save My Butt From Angry Voters Act, known formally as the “Keeping the Affordable Care Act Promise Act,” openly throws Obama under the bus as a liar.  So does her rhetoric:

“When we passed the Affordable Care Act, we did so with the intention that if you liked your health plan, you could keep it. A promise was made and this legislation will ensure that this promise is kept.  For many consumers, plans in the Marketplaces may offer superior coverage at a good value that saves them money. But people should be able to keep their plans if they want to.”

And without her legislation, the promise will not be kept, which I believe most Louisianans understand to be the definition of a “lie,” just like people in all the other states.

The funny thing about this hogswallop is that crazed lefties on Twitter have been field-testing a new Obama Defense that says the Affordable Care Act always contained the language that would kill millions of insurance plans, and it’s out fault for listening to Obama’s “mis-statements” instead of reading the bill.  Of course, Mary Landrieu did not read the bill, and she understands it today no better than most other Democrats.  Her new legislation is a frank admission of her ignorance.  This is not a minor matter that understandably slipped past her entire Party while they were getting a buzz off the freshly printed stacks of paper containing the legislation they rammed down our throats.

Landrieu also made the traditional offer to share her crap sandwich with Republicans: “I have said repeatedly that the Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect, and I am willing to work with anyone who wants to improve it and implement it correctly.”  No thanks, Mary.  No Republican should be dumb enough to save you from the disaster you unleashed on a party-line vote.  We all know what you and your Democrat pals had to say when the Republicans repeatedly warned you all of this was going to happen.