Democratic Strategists: We Should Have Spent More Attacking Christie

Democrats sound nervous about the big win in New Jersey Tuesday. They should be. Christie won with 61 percent of a blue state including majorities of women and 51 percent of Hispanic voters. He even managed to pull in 20 percent of black voters in the state.

To some unnamed Democratic startegists this result makes them think “the party made a mistake by not
spending more money to attack Christie during the gubernatorial
campaign.” Had they done so they might have suppressed his win and taken some wind out of his sails.

The Post quotes Colm O’Comartun of the Democratic Governors Association sounds a lot like conservatives talking about Senator Obama circa 2008:

“What’s worked for [Christie] has been to make sure that nobody talks
about the issues, that people just get consumed with his personality-driven late-show entertainment,” O’Comartun said. “People
will see past the bluster and the vaudeville routine that is the Chris Christie show. They’ll focus in on the issues.”

Toward the end of the article they even get a tip from Bill Burton, last seen accusing Mitt Romney of letting a woman die from cancer. Burton warns “His character is something that the American people will need to be educated on.” Because that’s what Bill Burton does, educate people about character. And really who is better suited for that job?

And right on cue Time arrives with the first Christie fat joke, far in advance of the 2016 campaign. He’s the “elephant in the room.” Time should worry a bit that they’re staring to look a bit like late-stage Newsweek.

As usual it’s all out war on the Republican front-runner even before anyone has started running. Meanwhile, Hillary sits in a secret base stroking a white cat, happy to be ignored.