Lady Gaga Unveils World's First Flying Dress

Lady Gaga Unveils World's First Flying Dress

Last week, the artist currently known as Lady Gaga hinted at plans to perform in space. Over the weekend, she unveiled a contraption that signals more than just a waning interest in aviation: the world’s first flying dress.

Sunday, the 27-year-old singer revealed the high-tech, white vehicle at a launch party for her upcoming album “Artpop,” which drops today. The dress is battery-powered and features six booms in a hex formation. On its inaugural launch at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Gaga was hoisted roughly 70 inches off the ground, but it is still being tested according to designer, Nancy Tilbury, creative director of London-based Studio XO that worked in conjunction with engineers and Lady Gaga. 

Lady Gaga refers to the dress as “Volantis,” and of its maiden voyage, she said this was “maybe a small step for Volantis,’ but “a big-time step” for Lady Gaga.

As for the motivation behind the creation, Gaga said, “I wanted to make today about something even more important to me, and that something is the youth of the world. Their minds are just so boundless. They’re just so inspiring.” 

After which Gaga apparently deemed herself a message delivery system for the youth of the world: “She [the dress] is essentially a metaphor for me. I will be a vehicle today for their voices.”

Then, the vehicle for their voices, wearing a black leotard and helmet, donned the dress and lifted off the warehouse pavement, controlled by a technician she referred to as her “pilot.”

“It’s feminine technology, there’s a certain elegance to it,” Tilbury told The Associated Press.

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