Batkid Returns, This Time to GMA

The entire country was charmed by the story of Miles Scott, a five year old leukemia patient whose wish was to become Batkid for a day. Miles got his wish thanks to the Make-a-Wish foundation and to the city of San Francisco. Nearly 12,000 people turned out to help make his dream come true.

This morning, Good Morning America brought Batkid to New York (the real Gotham) to fight crime once again.

Like every sequel, this one is an attempt to cash in on some of the good will surrounding the first outing. No doubt GMA is looking for a ratings boost from this.

But unlike most sequels, the principal in this case is five years old. So all of the bottom line thinking that went into this will go completely over his head. From Miles’ point of view it’s just another chance to dress up, ride in the Batmobile and be Batkid again. Good for him and for his family.