Democrat Alan Grayson Channels CBS News’ Dan Rather

Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson seems to think that  the U.S. is to blame for ‘fueling’ terrorist attacks, as a result of the military drone program that is currently being employed to  ‘take out’ terrorists around the world.

 In another fundraising letter to supporters, Grayson asks them to visit his new website, sign his letter to President Obama, asking for the drone program to stop, so that they can then “bear witness to injustice done in our beautiful country’s name.”

 Grayson believes that by signing this letter, he will bring kumbaya peace throughout the world, but only if you donate to his re-election campaign.

Grayson channels former CBS anchor, Dan Rather, by signing off in his fundraising letter with the word “courage.”  Many of you will remember back in 1986 when Rather began to sign off from CBS News with “courage?”

 But  does  this mean that Grayson is going to sign off from the Congress soon, as Rather did from CBS News?