Man Robs Bank To 'Pay Back Good Friends'…Then Turns Himself In

Man Robs Bank To 'Pay Back Good Friends'…Then Turns Himself In

A Czech bank robber left Police bewildered after turning himself in the day after he robbed a bank so he could “pay back good friends.” Just 10 minutes after stealing the equivalent of £6,000 from a bank in the Radotin district of Prague, the man called police to let them know that he would be turning himself in the following day. 

The following day he did just that. 

Tomas Hulan, from the Prague police, said that the city’s most experienced detectives had never seen a case remotely like this: “He came in confessed to the robbery, and explained he had to do it because of financial problems. Apparently some ‘bad people’ had stolen his money but some people had helped him out and he wanted ‘pay the good friends back’.” 

The suspect reportedly went to the bank, waited patiently for his turn and then handed a note to the teller saying had a gun and to hand over the money.

Citing his unusual and honest behavior, Police released the man on bail despite the armed robbery charge. He had no criminal record. 

Police said that that man’s honestly will most likely be taken into account by the court but he still faces the possibility of 10 years in jail, if convicted. 

His friends who received the cash will have to return it. If they were aware of the criminal origins of the money upon receipt, they too could face a police investigation.