San Diego Union Trib: 'WH Compounds IRS Abuse of Power'

In response to POTUS Subverted DOJ Investigation During Chris Matthews Interview :

The San Diego Union Tribune editorial board is one of the few in the country willing to hold Obama responsible for the damage he’s doing to the country. In fact, in 2012, they rated Obama the worst POTUS in history.

In an oped, Monday, they slammed the Obama administration for their duplicity in the IRS scandal, noting that after admitting in May that the IRS’s targeting practices were problematic,  Obama promised a thorough investigation.

As multiple conservative news outlets (including this one) have pointed out, no investigation of the IRS scandal by the Obama administration can be discerned by anyone.

 Last month, an attorney working for 41 of the targeted nonprofit groups said no one at any of the groups had ever been interviewed by federal investigators.

Last week, the Justice Department and the FBI refused requests from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to provide information on its investigation. FBI officials also canceled a previously scheduled meeting with committee members. And the president — who in May said people were “properly concerned” with the IRS’ actions — used an MSNBC interview to whitewash the agency.

The San Diego Union Tribune points out that the original abuse of power has been compounded with another abuse of power: “promising to get to the bottom of a scandal and then doing nothing.” They call the Regime’s behavior “shameless and shameful”, but “wholly predictable.”

Meanwhile, the shameful and predictable IRS targeting abuses continue –  ObamaCare whistleblower, C. Steven Tucker has more details about his audit and his visit last Friday with the Treasury IG in Chicago, in an interview with Arlen Williams at The American Thinker.

Then Treasury Inspector General Williams arrived with an associate. He showed me his business card and his badge and then sat down to begin his inquisition of sorts during which he and his associate took copious notes. 

To my surprise his questions were not designed to find out why I was sent the letters of demand but more to find out more about me and even more surprisingly my new friend Bill Elliott.

He asked for Bill Elliott’s phone number twice. I did not give him Mr. Elliott’s phone number. He then asked for a timeline of events. He asked ‘How did you first meet Bill? What law did you use to help him get his policy restored? What television program did he appear on?’ etc. He then asked for my full name and my social security number since the IRS letters of demand were sent to my corporation and not to my personal name. 

And, then at the end of his line of questioning he made sure to tell me that ‘you need to resolve these issues with the IRS, if not, as you may be aware, you may be visited again by other IRS representatives in your home and we do reserve the right to garnish your wages and lien your assets.’ Mr. Sneckenberg and I then wished them a Happy Holiday and showed them both the door.

Read the full interview, here.