Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs

We should review our relationship to each other as a culture.

Too many Americans are sheep. Our daily lives are busy and complex but this is no reason to accept the new norm which is mediocrity for many. We are a nation that is derived on individualism and exceptionalism with a government that serves its proper role at all levels.

The political class are wolves. The political class is comprised of elected officials, political establishments, lobbyists, special interests and all who are vested in some measure of control. Service to their fellow citizen is an all but forgotten principle by most.

We true patriots are sheepdogs. Those of us who love freedom and a nation governed under the principles of the Constitution and at the state level of their constitutions are the watchful. We do not require full agreement, enjoy and engage in fair debate and are unselfish and what we desire for the nation’s best interest.

No one needs or loves the sheepdog until the wolves attack. The wolves of apathy, cynicism, mediocrity, big government and one that represents failed citizen involvement are taking the sheep nightly. Are you sheep or sheepdog?


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