Man Faces Thousands of Rape Charges

Man Faces Thousands of Rape Charges

TOWANDA – A Pennsylvania man has been arrested in Bradford county, accused of raping a woman for decades beginning in her childhood.  55-year-old Donald Burrell now faces 5,162 charges.

* 2,870 counts related to rape and the rape of a victim under the age of thirteen

* 2,248 counts of involuntary deviated sexual intercourse

* 28 drug counts

* 16 counts related to child pornography

Police said they began investigating Burrell last spring after learning he allegedly sold a minimum of 700 grams of designer drug bath salts between 2011 and 2013,

At that time, they learned of the alleged abuse. Pennsylvania Police say Burrell began raping the victim in 1991 when she was 7-years-old and continued “non-stop” for over 20 years. 

Burrell is being on $2.2. million bail.