Video: Obama's Abuse Of Power

Ted Cruz released this video today highlighting the President’s continued “lawless and abusive” disregard of the Constitution.

Obama’s apologists like to point out that as far as executive orders go, he and Bush are virtually tied: In his first five years in office, Bush issued 165 orders, versus 167 by Obama. So what’s the big deal?

As constitutional scholar, Jonathan Turley points out, it’s the content of the EOs that should concern people.

“It’s really the character of the actions, and their subject,” says  Turley. “In my view, Obama has surpassed George W. Bush in the level of circumvention of Congress and the assertion of excessive presidential power. I don’t think it’s a close question.”

Turley, who voted for Obama, says, “President Obama meets every definition of an imperial presidency. He is the president that Richard Nixon always wanted to be.”


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