Did I call this, or what?


Shot, from me on Friday afternoon:

Skeptics of the GOP leadership wonder if they’re capable of thinking more than one move ahead.  Don’t they realize that giving up 25 percent of what the Left wants will swiftly lead to their denunciation as monsters for withholding the other 75 percent?  The day after quasi-citizenship is instituted, it will be denounced as apartheid.  There is no way the Left will stop until every illegal alien in the United States is a full citizen with voting rights and access to all government programs.  They’re not going to applaud Republicans for slowly giving them what they want; they’ll complain about how long it’s taking.  I have never seen politicians set themselves up for a fall more perfectly than the Republican clay pigeons who think “limited status with no special pathway to citizenship” is going to end an argument or solve a political problem for them.

Chaser, courtesy of Joel, from this morning: “Bob Shrum accuses Republicans of ‘apartheid’ with immigration plan.”


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