Rand: GOP Could Lure Young Voters with Strong Stand Against NSA Snooping


At an event in Hot Springs Arkansas last week, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) said that the GOP could attract young voters to the party by focusing on issues related to privacy violations of the NSA.  His message to the crowd was smart: a younger tech-raised generation has an interest in tech issues, the GOP ought to come out strong in favor of protecting civil liberties. 

“We need young people in the party. The president won the youth vote three to one,” Paul said. “Since we’ve had the different spying scandals, I think if there were a Republican who stood up for privacy, who stood up for the Fourth Amendment, I think the young people will come back to us.”

Paul’s message urged the GOP to reachout and expand their appeal. “I do recognize that I’m in a position where I do have a chance so we really are considering it,” he said. “I also think if we do the same thing we’ve always done, we’re not going to win. So it has to be different. It has to have a different twist.”


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