Ros-Lehtinen: Charlie Crist Echoing Fidel Castro

Ros-Lehtinen: Charlie Crist Echoing Fidel Castro

Republican Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen has opened up on Charlie Crist after he made the statement that Cubans were suffering because of U.S. foreign policy. Ros-Lehtinen has been blistering Crist in the press since he first told leftist Bill Maher the Cuban embargo needed to be lifted.

 Ros-Lehtinen said that what “opportunist”  and “serial flip-flopper” Crist did was echo the Fidel and Raul Castro historic line of attack that the U.S. is to blame for the suffrage in Cuba.

 In essence, Crist is acting as the Castro brothers puppet, and running cover for all of the murderous regimes past, present, and future civil rights violations.  Ros-Lehtinen added that Crist’s words were despicable and  irresponsible, but that this statement coming from someone who has flip-flopped on every political issue, is expected and believable.

One good point that the congresswoman makes is, the U.S. embargo does not prohibit food and medicine from being sent to the island, suggesting that if Crist was so concerned about the U.S. caused suffering in Cuba, “then he should round up all of the food and medicine can and send it.”


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