Smart power: National Security Adviser tries, and fails, to link State Department feed… twice

Watching the Obama Administration conduct foreign policy is like watching Dewey Crowe try to pull off a crime caper on “Justified.”  National Security Adviser Susan Rice – famed as the Sunday-show peddler of the Administration’s Benghazi lies – took to Twitter to promote a new State Department feed that would “counter Russian misinformation on Ukraine.”  

Alas, she misspelled the name of State’s new Putin-busting Twitter handle, “@ukrprogress.”  Twice.  

First she left the “r” out of “progress.”  After enduring mockery for the error, she deleted the old Tweet and wrote a new one… this time leaving out the “r” in the “ukr” part, which Jim Geraghty of National Review pointed out would lead the unsuspecting reader to follow “the little-used Twitter account of the UK Progress for Lancaster Business School.”

Of course, this might all the be the work of a clumsy staffer, not Rice herself… which doesn’t exactly do anything to restore the confidence deficit Americans, and powers around the world, might be feeling toward the bumbling Obama Administration, where nobody knows nuthin’ about what anybody is doing, and no one is ever held accountable for either malfeasance or error.

Anyone want to take odds that the gang in the Kremlin – last seen laughing out loud at Barack Obama’s sanction threats – are passing around Rice’s Tweets and cracking each other up?