Top Democrat Senator Makes Excuses For Obama's Weak Stance On Venezuela

Senator makes his case for why the U.S should get involved against Dictator Nicholas Maduro, but then seemed to make excuses for the President’s soft position on Venezuela, by rattling off a list of other things that are currently on Obama’s “plate.”

 You mentioned the President. This is where Senator Rubio and I will have a difference of style. I want the President to speak out, or the other authorities, such as the Secretary of State, but its not like that the President of the United States doesn’t have a lot on his plate.

 And he is dealing with a number of other crisis in the world, right now, simultaneously, in the Ukraine, in the Middle East, Israel and her neighbors, trying to get the troops out of Afghanistan, and multiple hot spots around the world.

 This is another one that should be attended to, and very strongly.-Senator Bill Nelson (D)

 When asked about those excuses in defense of the President, Nelson said that the President needed to give this issue attention, regardless of the reasons he gave for why the President was not engaged.

 Watch the video, what Rubio’s facial expressions, as he listens to Nelson.