More Buffoonery: Obama Flacks Mock Fox News' Benghazi Coverage


In response to Harry Reid Spox Mocks Benghazi Probe: ‘Speaker Boehner literally changes name to Speaker Benghazi’:

It really is beginning to look like the brain trust of dorks who flack for Democrats have decided on a defense strategy for the Benghazi scandal – Alinsky Rule #5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”

We saw it debut last night with young Master Vietor’s exclamation; “Dude! This was like two years ago!”

Today, in the wake of Speaker Boehner’s decision to establish a select committee,  Harry Reid’s Communications Director tweeted out something only a lefty would find humorous: “Speaker Boehner literally changes his name to Speaker Benghazi.” 

As if Boehner deserves to be admonished for being too gung-ho on investigating Benghazi after resisting a select committee for so long.

But Friday afternoon, a trifecta of hackish buffoonery appeared on Twitter, and was captured by Twitchy.

Obama’s 2008 campaign manager and later adviser David Plouffe, ex-Obama administration National Security Council spokesman Tommy “dude” Vietor and former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau followed Jay Carney’s lead in snidely attacking Fox News’ coverage of the Benghazi scandal.