AZ Republican Primary Candidate 'Quibbling' with the Truth

In the Arizona Republican primary, several candidates are lining up to replace Gov. Jan Brewer.  One of them seems to be making national news for all the wrong reasons.  First time candidate Christine Jones has a problem with telling the truth about her resume.  From Alex Pappas at The Daily Caller:

If you listen to past statements made by Christine Jones, you might come away with the impression that the Republican candidate for governor of Arizona is a former Los Angeles prosecutor. You might also think she is an Air Force veteran. 

The problem: Neither of those things are 100 percent true. 

Jones, a political newcomer and former general counsel of web hosting company, is facing political attacks over statements about her work experience that don’t appear to line up completely with her past. 

Her campaign contests that she ever misled about her background. But spokeswoman Anna Haberlein acknowledged to The Daily Caller: “Christine isn’t a practiced politician; she hasn’t dedicated her life to parsing every word.”

Of course, if Jones had actually been a prosecutor, perhaps she would parse her word even more.  The group, Conservative Leadership for Arizona, released this ad:

Despite the facts, the Jones campaign isn’t backing down from the claim that she served as a prosecutor.  In interview after interview, she continues to claim she was a prosecutor despite only being a law clerk/student. When recently asked to clarify yet again, she belittled those asking questions saying “detractors are quibbling over the truth in order to derail her political campaign.”

Because that’s what’s important, right?  Not the truth or ensuring a Republican governor in Arizona, but keeping her political campaign going.

I’m reminded of the recent Nebraska Senate primary.  You can learn a lot about a person when he or she is under the pressure of a political campaign.  In the case of Jones, she reverts to overstating her accomplishments.  The last thing we need is another wannabe politician who skirts the truth.