Tiger Mom Throws Child in Trash For Misbehaving

Tiger Mom Throws Child in Trash For Misbehaving

According to Coconuts Hong Kong, a Chinese mother was spotted on Thursday apparently punishing her child by throwing him into a garbage can on a public sidewalk on Water Street in Sai Ying Pun. Shopkeepers and witnesses reported seeing the mother grow increasingly frustrated with her son, just shy of 3-years-old, as they walked home from school. 

His mother told reporters from Apple Daily, that her son is extremely naughty and on the day in question, threw a fit because they didn’t go to the supermarket. According to mom, she simply wanted to teach him a lesson and felt that was the best method at the time. 

Parents who witnessed the incident reportedly felt that the punishment did not fit the crime. They were of the opinion that a public humiliation was inappropriate and suggested a more private scolding.

After all, she most likely has garbage cans at home. 

Photo: Apple Daily 


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