SC Associate Professor Fired Over Beer Can Image

Former Associate Professor Paul Root claims he was fired from Charleston Southern University, a Christian University affiliated with the SC Baptist convention because his likeness was featured on a beer can.

Root’s photo was taken by a photographer at a beard and mustache competition and he insists he only found out that it would be featured on the beer can after the cans were already in production. 

“My image and likeness, which I do not own, that I’ve never received compensation for and it was a surprise for me that it was put on a beer can by Holy City Brewing.”

Holy City Brewing is the manufacturer. Roof thought the situation had been resolved after a meeting with his dean.

“I was given an email message early this week. I met with my dean Wednesday, and my answers were sufficient for him… but on Friday, I was called into the VP’s office, and that’s where I was terminated.”

The former professor is receiving much support via social media and is not commenting on certain aspects of the issue pending consultations with an attorney.

Paul says the response after he announced his firing on Facebook was incredible. “The response. Social media, from students that I had 15 years ago, 8 years ago, has been overwhelming.”

He says he just wants that same support from the university. “I was told that it was not representative of a Christian environment. And for me a Christian environment entails two things: looking out for other people and forgiveness of others who’ve transgressed you.”

Roof would not talk about what his contract spells out regarding his firing because he said he is consulting an attorney about what he needs to do nex