Lonely dude plus all-nighter in empty airport equals awesomeness

A guy named Richard Dunn got stuck at McCarren International Airport overnight, after giving away his seats on two different flights for travel vouchers.  He had to kill time until 6:00 AM in an empty airport.  This is how he kept himself occupied.

All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo.

He did all this by himself, in less than four hours, equipped with only his video camera, a tablet, luggage, a ruler, and some tape, using escalators and automated walkways to produce the camera movement effects.  He didn’t even know the words to the song when he began – he had to look them up online.  CBC News has the details of how each shot was accomplished.  

What an amazing bit of commando filmmaking!  Some movie studio should give him a shoestring budget and see what he can do.  The current practice of dumping $200 million into the hands of big-name directors is yielding diminishing returns.


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