Not a Smidgen of Corruption in IRS Wrongdoing

In response to IRS admits wrongdoing, pays $50k settlement to National Organization for Marriage:

How can this be true when the president said there wasn’t “a smidgen” of corruption” at the IRS regarding the improper treatment of conservative groups?

Is there such a thing as “non-corrupt” wrong-doing? 

Perhaps the president sees the release of NOM’s confidential information to HRC as not really corrupt or wrong at all, because it was done in the service of “Marriage Equality,” which all right thinking Americans must now support, lest they be boycotted and accused of being hate-mongering homophobes.

Perhaps this sort of “ends justify the means” corruption is not regarded as corruption, but more as a form of “social justice” to the organized left, and they’re not even sorry they got caught because they know the base of their party (including most of the MSM) are cheering them on. That 50k wrist slap is certainly not going to deter the criminal organization known as the Democrat party from doing anything like it again..

And obviously, our esteemed Attorney General, Eric Holder has no intention of holding any of the lawbreaking parties at the IRS accountable.

So, yeah –  this will happen again, unless We the People find a way to stop it.


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