Report: Meriam Ibrahim Free Again

In response to Christian Woman Sentenced to Death for Apostasy Released in Sudan… and Promptly Re-Arrested:

After being detained by about 40 security agents at the airport, the Ibrahim family has been set free, the US State Department told reporters:

“They were temporarily detained for several hours over questions related to their documents,” Marie Harf, a spokeswoman for the US state department, told journalists.

Sudan’s government had assured the US that Mrs Ibrahim and her family were safe, Ms Harf added.

She said the US is working with Sudan to ensure their safe passage out of the country.

There are conflicting stories regarding the whereabouts of the Ibrahim family following their detainment at the airport in Khartoum. 

Some sources have reported that after airport officials found problems with their paperwork,  Ibrahim and her husband were whisked away to a unknown location – presumably away from the airport.

One such person being a Sudanese foreign ministry official, who denied reports that Ibrahim was re-arrested at the airport, Tuesday, telling VOA that she was taken to an undisclosed location to protect her from “relatives angered by the court decision.”

In a VOA interview, Dr. Sadek El Magli said officials instead took Meriam Yahya Ibrahim to an undisclosed location Tuesday to protect her from relatives angered by the court decision.

El Magli, a former Sudanese ambassador, said the woman may have already left Sudan.