Bergdahl investigation going about as expected

In response to Bowe Bergdahl Returns To Regular Duty As ‘Investigation’ Ensues:

I heard some reasonable theories yesterday that Bergdahl was returned to active duty because if the military cut him loose, it would be harder to pursue the investigation against him for deserting his post.  There are some big differences between the way active vs. former military personnel are handled.  Plonking Bergdahl down at a desk in Texas keeps him accessible.  

It would be interesting to know exactly what duties he’s entrusted with, wouldn’t it?  Maybe they’ll assign him to process some ObamaCare paperwork, an activity that seems to be consuming more and more resources from every sector of our mega-government… including the Department of Veterans Affairs, which was fiddling around with ObamaCare junk while veterans were dying on secret waiting lists.  

But it’s harder to take the “investigation” seriously, as it becomes more clear that investigators aren’t interested in talking to anyone who actually knows anything.  You mentioned that Sgt. Buetow’s phone isn’t ringing off the hook.  Cody Full told Sean Hannity last night that nobody’s talking to him, either.  As far as he knows, no one else from the unit has been interviewed as part of this “investigation.”  Full was polite enough to say that he found that “surprising.”

Hannity said it was hard to swallow Bergdahl returning to duty, given his documented lack of enthusiasm for the team he’s nominally playing on.  That’s true enough from a logical standpoint, but logic left the building a long time ago.  This isn’t about military honor, or duty, or even the rule of law.  It’s pure politics, and there is zero chance any “investigation” will be allowed to make Obama’s prisoner swap look worse.  That was, what, ten scandals ago anyway?  The sand has just about run out of the Bowe Bergdahl hourglass.