NBC and ABC Ignore Walsh Plagiarism Bombshell

In response to Walsh Hammered by Local Press Over Plagiarism Charge:

Senator Walsh may be getting hammered by the local media, but two of three alphabet news network morning shows completely ignored the burgeoning scandal. The third – CBS – gave it short shrift.

Via Newsbusters:

 On Thursday, July 24, the New York Times revealed that Senator John Walsh (D-Mont.) plagiarized his Master’s thesis from the United States Army College and that at least 25 percent of his paper “was either taken without attribution from other authors’ works or improperly sourced.”

Despite the embarrassing revelation, CBS This Morning was the only network morning news show to report on the plagiarism scandal whereas NBC’s Today and ABC’s Good Morning America ignored the story. 

Norah O’Donnell of CBS spent 37 seconds on the story and neglected to mention the possible repercussions Walsh faces for his plagiarism.

She did however include in her report that “the Iraq War veteran admits he made a mistake but he says he was being treated at the time for post-traumatic stress.”