Top Cop In Ferguson, Missouri is Black, Sharpton Falls Over In Disbelief

Civil rights activists (race-baiters) like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were quick in their efforts to make the unfortunate shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, into a racially divisive political circus like they did with Trayvon Martin.

Their actions and words only helped to insight more violence from angry “agitators,” who used the peaceful protests to mask their criminal acts.

After the initial policing of the rioting was condemned for its use of “militarized” police equipment, such as tear gas, body armor, and armor personnel vehicles, the Missouri State Police was called in to take over to try to calm tensions.
This move worked for about one day, but failed as the rioting and assaulting of police officers quickly resumed.

I would guess that right now, Sharpton and Jackson are fuming over the fact that the man in charge of the Missouri State Police, who ordered his police officers to dawn protective gear when the rioting resume, is a black man.

Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson is putting the blame firmly on the “violent agitators” for ‘blowing up’ the peaceful protester, simply to run “cover” for the “criminal acts” they are committing.

Will Sharpton and other black leaders call out Captain Johnson as being an “Uncle Tom” police officer?

Wait for it… Wait for it…