73% Of St. Louis Residents Say Media Made Things Worse In Ferguson

A new poll by the Kansas City-based Remington Research Group shows that the vast majority of St. Louis residents disapprove of the way the media handled the Ferguson story.  

73% of those surveyed said the media actually made things worse in the wake of the police shooting of Michael Brown, who is usually described as an “unarmed teenager” with his arms in the air, rather than a 300 pound gangbanger who had just assaulted the police officer and was possibly in the process of “bum-rushing” him.

18% said the media had made things better and the rest had no opinion.

Via The Politico:

In terms of the racial breakdown, 81 percent of whites thought the press made the situation worse, while 50 percent of African-Americans agreed.

The poll also found that 64 percent had an unfavorable view of how Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon handled the shooting.

Predictably, the MSM locked arms with the racial grievance industry in their reporting on Ferguson, but when the inconvenient facts trickled in, demolishing the “gentle giant” narrative, most Americans were able to see through the B.S. 

We can only hope that the next time there is an incident of this sort, the media will restrain itself from fanning the flames of racial animus until the facts are in, because it doesn’t look like the Democrat media complex benefited much at all from the Ferguson fiasco. 


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