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Brown Surge Marks Comeback In New Hamshire

Brown Surge Marks Comeback In New Hamshire

Even MSNBC now finds itself forced to acknowledge the major shift in the race between Scott Brown and Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire, “Scott Brown is looking increasingly competitive against Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen, raising hopes among national Republicans that the former Massachusetts Senator might have one more upset victory left in him.”

The Wall Street Journal has taken note of the surge, as well. Nationally, the shifting dynamics in NH give Democrats one more head ache in a year already far too full of them given the continued unpopularity of Barack Obama. 

A CNN poll released Monday had the race tied at 48%, and a University of New Hampshire poll released in early August had Ms. Shaheen up 46% to 44%. This is quite a turnaround given that polls as recently as early July showed Ms. Shaheen ahead by as much as 10 points. Mr. Brown, the former Massachusetts senator, is still the underdog. But even if he loses Democrats will be forced to spend money in a state that they didn’t expect to be in play. And money spent in New Hampshire is money not spent in states where Democratic Senate candidates face stiffer challenges, such as Alaska, Arkansas and North Carolina.


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