Dana Perino Poses The Question The Media Should Be Asking Leon Panetta (Video)

In response to Why Bill O’Reilly’s Interview with Leon Panetta was So Devastating to President Obama:

It’s funny how the president’s loyalists in the MSM are covering Panetta’s devastating book by questioning whether a former administration official should write a critical book about Obama before his presidency is over.

 “There are those who say, you know, he appointed you to two of the highest positions that this country has to offer. Just wait until he’s out of office before criticizing,” Charlie Rose said.

The question they should be asking not only Panetta, but Robert Gates and Hillary Clinton – all former top Obama cabinet members who have criticized Obama since they left – was posed by  Dana Perino on The Kelly File, last night.

The former Press Secretary Under Bush is also not a fan of former administration officials writing books that are critical of a sitting president. But the books are out there, she said. And these three have all had strong disagreements with the president on policy.

Perino said she wished O’Reilly had asked, “if you felt so strongly at the time that politics was trumping people, then why didn’t you resign on principle?”

Both Kelly and Perino were struck by the undercurrent of worry and alarm being expressed by these former top officials in their books. Kelly said Panetta seems “scared” and “genuinely worried.”  She added, “he seems to be trying to telegraph to us that he’s very concerned about the man sitting in the Oval Office right now.”


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