Even Ann Romney is tired of you talking about Mitt.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

On another matter that has been the subject of much political babbling lately — a potential third run for president by her husband — Ann Romney was happy to wave off the possibility.

“Done,” she said. “Completely. Not only Mitt and I are done, but the kids are done,” she said, referring to her five sons. “Done. Done. Done.”

So, honestly, stop. Really.

GOP, if Mitt Romney is the guy who comes to mind when you think of winning the next presidential election, you’ve been asleep for two cycles and are probably beyond hope.

But if there’s a glimmer of sanity left, here’s an idea. Instead of focusing on a guy who wasn’t a good candidate to begin with and doesn’t want to run again, shift your eyes to those with fire in their bellies, charisma, gutsiness, a vision for the country, and a desire to shake up the system at large. Because the system at large is a hot mess to anyone with common sense and a distaste for the absurdities of the D.C. machine.

P.S. — The “Principles for American Renewal” are a good start (finally). But without a messaging and communications team scattered on TV and throughout the country, who sees them? Who gets that message?

Policy has to be marketed or it won’t be seen. It has to be sold or it won’t be bought. Less Mitt, more messaging.

Jedediah Bila is co-host of “Outnumbered” on Fox News at 12pm ET. She is an author, columnist, and Fox News Contributor. Follow Jedediah on Twitter @JedediahBila.


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