Suspect Arrested In Wichita Rape/Burning Case

In response to Horror: Woman Sexually Assaulted, Beaten, And Set on Fire In Wichita Park:

With very little to go on, police in Wichita, Kansas have managed to track down and arrest a suspect in the horrific case of the woman who was beaten, sexually assaulted and set on fire at a park near Wichita State University, last week.

The 26-year-old suspect, Cornell McNeal, was found through evidence obtained by forensic nurses at a Wichita hospital according to Interim Police Chief Nelson Mosley.
The man was booked Wednesday on suspicion of rape and attempted first-degree murder in the attack Friday night at Fairmount Park.
Investigators believe the suspect and the victim had a random encounter and she was assaulted a short time afterward.
In responding to a grass fire, firefighters found the 36 year old woman in the nude, with cuts to her head and severe burns over 55% of her body. 

She remains in critical condition and police have not been able to talk to her.


According to WKCH-12, Cornell McNeal was arrested late Wednesday. He was also booked on a Contempt of Court charge connected to a different case.

McNeal was linked to the case through DNA evidence  found at the scene.


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