The Drug War is Getting More Complex

The Drug War is Getting More Complex

Breitbart Texas’ border security expert and contributing editor Sylvia Longmire recently joined the Secure Freedom Radio Show with Frank Gaffney to discuss the evolving dynamics of the drug war within the Western Hemisphere and how it impacts the southern U.S. border.

“We’re past the age of where you have these four or five main organized crime groups that are old-school and work like the mafia. Now you’ve got dozens and dozens of these smaller criminal groups where barriers to entry of the drug trafficking world have been dramatically lowered and, unfortunately, the more competition you have between these groups–the more violence you have. There are folks that are competing for control of territory within Mexico to bring precursor chemicals for making methamphetamine and cocaine in from South America to the interior and you have a lot of bloodshed from the groups that are vying for control of the trafficking corridors from Mexico into the United States.”

The full interview segment may be listened to courtesy of the Frank Gaffney show here.

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