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Child Sex Trafficker Heads to Texas Prison

Child Sex Trafficker Heads to Texas Prison

25-year-old Alexander Johnson will spend 128 months in prison for sex trafficking a minor, according to reports from the FBI. He pled guilty to sex trafficking and transportation of a minor in December 2013.

An FBI press release stated that U.S. District Judge Nancy F. Atlas, who handed down the sentence, “commented that [Johnson] was an adult and should have known better and that hopefully his time in prison would lead him to understand that he cannot exploit young women to make a living.”

Court documents obtained by Breitbart Texas state that in June 2013, Johnson posted advertisements on, a website commonly used to post ads for shady jobs and illegal acts, such as sex for money. Often such posts are disguised as “escort” advertisements. Johnson’s ads were attempting to sell sex with a 15-year-old female in Houston.

A criminal complaint further alleges that a woman named Melanie drove the 15-year-old from Austin to Houston, where she was introduced to Johnson.

The teen “had a quota of $500 per day,” the complaint stated. “If the quota was not reached, threats of violence were made. Johnson provided [her] with condoms and a cellular telephone. [She] would be beaten if a phone call from Johnson was not answered. [She] never missed a phone call, and always exceeded her quota. Johnson’s form of rewarding her for exceeding her quota was to force her to have sex with him.”

After a month of repeated abuse and sexual abuse, Johnson allegedly drove the teen to Denver, Colorado where he continued to prostitute her.

Later in July, when Johnson and the victim had returned to Houston, the 15-year-old was recovered by Houston Police Department officers in a motel room.

The following day, however, the teen ran away from a rehabilitation center and contacted Johnson, according to the complaint. A friend of Johnson’s picked the victim up at a local fast food restaurant, and brought her to a motel where she worked as a prostitute. While there, she “was required to work extra because she had been arrested and was unable to meet her quota while in custody.”

On July 23, officers recovered the victim once again. Court records state that this time, she was discovered at a different motel room rented by Johnson.

Johnson fled the scene but was eventually arrested on August 6, according to FBI reports.

After Johnson is released from prison, he will spend 10 years on supervised release and be forced to register as a sex offender.


Johnson Complaint by BreitbartTexas

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