Obama Nominates Castro In Spite of Texas HUD Scandal

Obama Nominates Castro In Spite of Texas HUD Scandal

HOUSTON, Texas–President Barrack Obama nominated San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro to be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development on May 23rd in spite of his city’s alleged misuse of funds from that same federal department. The acceptance of the nomination by Castro marks a departure in the navigational path of this rapidly rising Democrat rising star.

The Washington Post reported on May 23rd that this move may signal the Democrats plan to turn Texas blue may be struggling under the leadership of Wendy Davis and Castro now needs to find another pathway to the top of a Democrats future presidential ticket. Castro’s twin brother, Joaquin, who is now a U.S. Representative, told the New York Times in 2010, “I can see a path to Washington for Julián. That path leads through the governor’s mansion in Austin. A Democrat who can win the governorship of Texas would automatically be under consideration for a spot on the national ticket.”

The Post goes on to say the struggles of gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis suggests that star-power alone is proving not to be enough to move the political needle in Texas. Mark Jones, chair of the political science department at Rice University in Houston described Castro’s circumstances: “In many ways, it is like being an all-star on a losing team.” This well may explain why Obama is willing to overlook San Antonio’s HUD spending problems and move forward with the nominations. It also could explain why Castro is now willing to accept a cabinet position after turning one down last year.

In order for his nomination to be confirmed, Castro will have many questions to answer during his confirmation hearings that will be scheduled in the near future. Breitbart Texas reached out to Texas’ two Senators for their reaction to Castro’s nomination. Sen. Cornyn’s Press Secretary, Jessica Sandlin responded saying, “Sen. Cornyn will carefully consider Mayor Castro’s nomination just as he does all other Cabinet-level nominations.”

Senator Cruz’s Press Secretary, Catherine Frazier, responded on the Senator’s behalf stating, “The Senator wishes Mayor Castro the best on his nomination. He looks forward to visiting with him and will evaluate his record on the merits. Mayor Castro is a bright, charismatic young leader, and San Antonio has prospered under the free-market policies of the State of Texas.”

The Post piled a lot of praise on the back of San Antonio’s youngest ever elected mayor, but completely failed to mention the brewing scandal in San Antonio’s financial relationship with the very department Castro is now nominated to head. This could still supernova the political career of the Democrat’s rising political star.

While the position of HUD Secretary has rarely been a stepping stone to higher elected office, former San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros told the Post the HUD position would give Castro much needed national-policy experience and political contacts that could lead Castro to making the short-list of being a VP pick for a future Democrat presidential nominee like Hillary Clinton.

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