Mexico Captures Knights Templar’s Top Boss

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The leader of the ruthless Knights Templar Cartel has been arrested following an early morning raid in Mexico. Before becoming a cartel boss he also happened to be an elementary school teacher.

Federal authorities carried out a surprise raid shortly before 4 a.m. at a home in the Mexican city of Morelia Michoacán. During the raid, they were able to capture Servando “La Tuta” Gomez without any complications, a Mexican intelligence official confirmed to Breitbart Texas.

The fearsome cartel leader did not put up a fight and has since been whisked away under cover of darkness to Mexico City where he will be presented in court, the official said.

Before being known as the top boss of the criminal group, Gomez was an elementary school teacher in Mexico. Even while working as a top capo, he still collected a check from Mexico’s education system.

Servando Gomez was the top leader of the Knights Templar, a ruthless cartel whose follower follows a religious manifesto where they believe they are holy warriors. The cartel members have a cult-like devotion to the organization and have participated in ritual killing and cannibalism by eating the heart of their victims, Breitbart Texas previously reported.

Before taking the name the Knights Templars, the group was once called La Familia Michoacana and while its headquarters were in that Mexican state, their members have spread across Mexico and according to the Texas Department of Public Safety cells of their members operate throughout Texas not only taking part in drug trafficking but also in kidnapping, extortion, murder and human trafficking.


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