Sanctioned Doctor Ordering Narcotics Through Scandal Ridden Texas Border School District

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DONNA, Texas – A Breitbart Texas investigation into corruption within the school district of this border city has revealed suspicious activities regarding their team doctor; a doctor with a history of sanctions by the Texas Medical Board who appears to be buying controlled narcotics through the school.

Currently the school district has Donna Dr. Michael Anthony Flores as their team doctor who goes to football games and other sports patch up any injured players. While team doctors in most school districts near the Texas border do so in a volunteer manner, Flores receives approximately $4,000 per month from Donna ISD, a source within the school administration confirmed to Breitbart Texas.

Flores was a member of the Donna ISD school board when he was initially contracted in August, 2011, according to a report on Many, at the time, called the hiring a conflict of interest. “It’s not ethical,” Linda Estrada, president of the TSTA/NEA union in Donna said. Two doctors from the area offered to do the work for the district as volunteers.

“This position should not be a paid position,” Dr. Jose Sandoval said.  “We have plenty of physicians in the community that would be willing to do it at no cost at all.”

Neighboring school districts did not pay for doctors at the time Flores was hired at considerable expense to the district. Flores’ initial contract called for payment of $3,000 per month. He has since been raised to $4,000 per month.


Most Recently Flores entered in to an “Agreed Order” with the Texas Medical Board which prohibits him from treating or otherwise serve as a physician to his immediately family, a news release from TMB sent to Breitbart Texas revealed.

“The Board found Dr. Flores prescribed controlled substances to his wife beyond the 72 hour period of immediate need on multiple occasions; failed to maintain adequate medical records related to his prescribing to his wife and failed to adequately address signs of substance abuse by his wife,” information from TMB revealed.

In addition to not being able to care for his family, Flores is not allowed “to prescribe, dispense, administer or authorize any controlled substance or dangerous drugs to himself or his immediate family’, the sanction revealed. Flores is also to undergo training in medical ethics, risk management, record keeping and physician-patient boundaries.


Breitbart Texas obtained a series of purchase orders submitted by Flores which show him ordering several prescription drugs including antibiotics and painkillers. In one of the purchase orders Flores ordered two packages of a drug called Demelol. The purchase order lists the recipient as Donna High School and the purchase was approved by Coach Manuel Moreno.

Leaked document pointing to the alleged purchase of controlled substances by Donna ISD

Leaked document pointing to the alleged purchase of controlled substances by Donna ISD

Breitbart Texas consulted with an anesthesiologist who stated that in his three decades as a medical doctor he had never heard of a drug called Demelol. On the other hand Demerol is a very potent and addictive painkiller which is highly controlled to prevent illegal use, the doctor consulted by Breitbart Texas said.  That doctor along with two other medical professionals who also spoke with Breitbart Texas stated that Demerol is a drug used to treat very severe pain similar in potency to morphine, however in their professional opinion that is something done by a patient’s physician and not something administered in a sporting event.

Donna is the same school district where a newly elected faction of the school board has been conducting some questionable actions such as demoting employees that didn’t support them politically and replacing them with their allies, Breitbart Texas previously reported regarding a federal lawsuit filed against the district.

In addition to the claims of retaliation, Donna ISD hired a convicted felon who spent time in federal prison for money laundering as their school board attorney. The school board pays him a yearly retainer of $300,000 to only attend school board meetings with any additional work being charged at a rate of $250 an hour. The previous attorney had been hired for a monthly retainer of $8,000, Breitbart Texas previously reported.

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