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Texas Border Public School Board Members Indicted on Federal Bribery, Extortion Charges

DONNA, Texas — Two Texas border public school board members have been indicted on bribery and attempted extortion charges. The charges were handed down Friday morning when the U.S District Court for the Southern District of Texas unsealed an indictment charging two of the board members with bribery and extortion in connection with services contracts for the district. A third person who is believed to have acted as a middleman has also been charged.

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Political Witch Hunt Begins to Fall Apart in Corrupt Texas Border School District

A political witch hunt in corrupt Texas border school district has begun to fall apart. The most recent turn of events in the saga of Donna ISD came on Thursday afternoon when a Grand Jury in Hidalgo County no-billed Superintendent Jesus Rene Reyna and Board Member Ernesto Lugo clearing their names of the charges that had been made up by their political rivals.

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Embattled Texas Border School Board Sued For Retaliation

DONNA, Texas — A newly filled federal lawsuit against a Texas border school board provides even more insight into the actions that in have wreaked havoc in the small community. The lawsuit was filed in federal court by a number of high ranking employees and former employees of the Donna Independent School District (Donna ISD). They claim a series of politically motivated retaliations at the hands of Board President Alberto Sandoval and his two closest allies Tomasa Ramos and Nick Castillo.


Texas Border School Felon Attorney Hired Under Suspicious Circumstances

The hiring of a felon attorney by a Texas border school district appears to have been done under suspicious circumstances, highlighting yet again the cloud of corruption that hangs over the city. The hiring was not done through regular channels; instead, the school board president simply hired him without the school board ever voting on it.


Border School Board Turns On Leader: Stops Political Witch Hunt

The political witch hunt led by a border school board president aimed at removing his rival backfired when the board turned on him. Four members of the voted against him, shutting down the move. After his defeat, the teary eyed official stormed out of the building following a stern rebuke by another board member.


Attorney in Texas Border School District Scandal is a Convicted Felon

DONNA, Texas — In a city that has become a model of border-area corruption, Breitbart Texas has discovered that the legal counsel for the school board in Donna, Texas is apparently a convicted felon who spent time in federal prison on money laundering charges tied to drug trafficking and lost his license to practice law for several years.

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Three Texas Border School Employees Accused Of Having Sex With Students

A teacher, a coach, and a truancy officer from the Texas border school district of Donna have all been accused of having sex with students on and off campus over a long period of time. The teacher, who has been identified as the son-in-law of the school superintendent, is accused of having sex with a student in a classroom.

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