GOPAC Names Two Texas Legislators to ‘Emerging Leaders’ List

Craig Goldman and Charles Perry
Texas State Rep. Craig Goldman and State Senator Charles Perry

Two Texas Legislators have been named to GOPAC’s 2015 Class of Emerging Leaders – one state senator and one state representative.

Being a freshman senator from the largest state senate district in the United States is tough work, but that is already being recognized by GOPAC, a conservative think-tank, as they named Texas State Senator Charles Perry to the 2015 Class of Emerging Leaders. State Representative Craig Goldman (R-Fort Worth) was also named to the list.

Perry, a Republican from Lubbock (Senate District 28), was among a group of 23 plucked from state houses across the nation. He is one of 9 senators to receive the honor, the only one from Texas.

In talking with Breitbart Texas Tuesday morning, the Senator said, “It was very unexpected, but very welcome.”

“I don’t know much about them,” Perry admitted, “but I’m sure we will have conferences where I can spread the word about Texas, and take the conservative Republican message to people from across the country.”

GOPAC prides itself on “educating and electing a new generation of Republican leaders.”

“Our Emerging Leaders program ensures a roster of prepared and tested Republicans ready to lead in their state legislatures,” GOPAC chairman David Avella said, in a news release obtained by Breitbart Texas. “As evidenced by past honorees, this program has proven effective at advancing the Republican Party’s next generation.”

State Representative Craig Goldman from Fort Worth (District 97), a second-term Republican, has also been named by GOPAC to the group. Breitbart Texas contacted his Austin office on Tuesday morning, and found they were unaware of the announcement.

Goldman’s office provided a statement just after lunch on Tuesday: “I am honored to be recognized by GOPAC as a 2015 Emerging Leader. GOPAC has long been recognized as one of the premier organizations in the United States, promoting effective leadership and the conservative philosophy.”

Goldman’s district covers the southwest side of both the city of Fort Worth and Tarrant County, one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the state.

We asked Senator Perry about the status of legislation that he’s authored or sponsored when he called from just off the Senate floor to speak with Breitbart Texas.  “The bill on gay marriage is basically a states’ rights issue,” he said. “The companion House bill, which actually has some improvements on my bill, is working its way through the House, and we could have it delivered to the Senate by the end of the week. My bill is still waiting for a hearing in the Senate.”

When asked about the controversy over the bill, Perry replied, “I think this is what the people in the 28th District want. It’s a reflection of my personal faith, and I feel it is in the best interest of Texas.”

Only Indiana and Ohio joined Texas on the GOPAC roster, with a pair of representatives. The group’s first meeting is set for the second week of June.

Rob Milford is a news contributor for Breitbart Texas. Follow him on Facebook.


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