Shots Fired at Colorado Police Within Hours of Threat

Aurora PD Shooting 2
Photo: 9NewsNBC Video Screenshot

A Colorado police chief urged calm after shots were fired at his police officers. The shots came within hours of a threat was made against officers in Denver and Aurora, Colorado.

Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz urges his officers to stay the course, according to a 9NewsNBC report. “They’re a little on edge, but at the same time, they are being incredibly professional,” Metz told reporters in Aurora. The city of Aurora is adjacent to Denver.

On Tuesday, Breitbart News’ John Sexton, reported on a 911 call where the caller made death threats against police in Denver and Aurora. “It is time that you guys know we are no longer playing around with the police departments,” the anonymous caller said. “Aurora and Denver, we are about to start striking fear shooting down all cops that we see by their selves. This will go for the sheriff’s department. You guys are evicting innocent people. Let us catch you by yourself and it’s shots fired.”

Four hours later, Aurora police were responding to a call for service when shots rang out. As police officers arrived to the scene of the unrelated service call, they hears shots, according to another 9NewsNBC report. Shortly after that, shots were fired towards the officers.

The shooting follows a string of attacks over the past weeks that left a Harris County sheriff’s deputy, Darren Goforth, and a Chicago area police lieutenant, Joe Gliniewicz dead. On Sunday, two Las Vegas Metro police officers were shot at during an ambush where the shooter walked up to the patrol car and opened fire. One of the officers was struck in the hand. He was taken to the hospital where he was treated for his injury.

Earlier this week, three Floridians came to the rescue of a Polk County sheriff’s deputy who was being beaten after stopping a man for running a stop sign. Deputy Mike Walsh suffered a broken thumb and multiple bruises during the fight.

Police in Denver and Aurora take the threatening 911 call very seriously. “Somebody put a great deal of thought into that message and how they were going to deliver that message,” Chief Metz told reporters. “We can’t afford to brush off threats like that.”

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